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Sony HDR 4K Bravia TVs available for pre-order today

Sony released two new 4K TVs in its Bravia range today, available for pre-order as you read this, they aren’t just your normal 4K though. The new 4K Bravia TVs come with a high dynamic range, HDR is a relatively new addition that in theory adds to the already extensive range of brightness levels on a 4K screen.

While 4K content was slow to appear after TVs were announced, Netflix and Amazon Instant Video have already announced their commitment to HDR with shows expected this year. We are slowly seeing more and more 4K offerings, with Netflix, Amazon and Youtube leading the way. Add to that the 4K upscalers which do and ok job of turning you Blueray films into 4K films, the market is starting to catch up with the tech.

The Sony Bravia X93C and X94C 4K Ultra HD TVs will both come with HDR. These will be the only two out of Sonys 12 TVs in the 4K range. Not a huge amount but at least Sony is putting some out there and starting to commit to HDR.

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The Sony 4K HDR screens will also come with the Android TV operating system, this gives users access to Google Play apps and content. Allowing voice search, Google Cast and smartphone compatibility, the standard now for Sony TVs.

The Sony Bravia X93C will start at £2600 for the 55-inch model and go up to £4,000 for the 65-inch while the X94C, at 75-inches, will cost £7,500. The Sony 4K HDR televisions will be available to pre-order today for shipping in May.