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Sony launches new Walkman MP3 players

Sony has just launched its latest range of Walkman MP3 players, which the company are calling the B series. The new range is “wearable”, making them ideal for when you’re out running or perhaps playing sports.

The Sony Walkman B Series will be available in a selection of colours (as shown above) which will hopefully meet everyone’s taste – and you’ll also be able to decide between either a 2GB (around 470 songs) model or you can double-up to 4GB which will give you around 980 songs to listen to on the go.

The Walkman B Series can also be easily connected to your computer via the built-in USB connection and will support a range of audio formats as well.

Sony has said that the range will go on sale in June this year, although at the moment they have not let on about pricing information.

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