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Sony Plotting the Launch of a ‘Super Slim’ PlayStation 3

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While the topic of discussion has turned to the possibility of a PlayStation 4 for Sony gamers, it seems that the Japanese company has one last console redesign up its sleeve for the current PS3 to keep things ticking over.

Japanese website Pocket News spotted a new filing at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) from Sony, which shows a fourth iteration of the PlayStation 3. While the actual console’s design isn’t shown in the filings, the model number is: the CECH-4001x.

No, this model has nothing to do with the Chelsea and Czech Republic goalkeeper. The current Slim PS3 is the 3000 model, which shows us that the 4000 series will be an evolution of that. Eurogamer claims to have heard that Sony will be revealing this model next month at the Gamescom event in Germany, and it will be a slimmer model than the Slim PS3.

Speaking to Sony executive Shuhei Yoshida at last month’s E3 gaming event in Los Angeles, Eurogamer were met with the response “never say never” when they asked about a Super Slim PS3.

The original PlayStation 3 was launched some six years ago, and Sony updated it with a slim model three years ago in 2009. Three years on from there we could be seeing another upgraded model, with less than a year to go until E3 2013, where Sony is expected to announce the PlayStation 4.

Sony got rid of two USB ports for the slim model, and it’s thought they may cut that number down further in order to make a cheap PS3 to attract new customers, amongst other cost-cutting measures. When the PS4 comes out it may have a price tag that’s simply too rich for many a gamer’s blood, so a cut-price PS3 would make sense.

What do you think? Would you buy a super slim PS3, or are you waiting for the PS4?

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Via: Eurogamer