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Sony PS Vita To Have 20MB 3G Data Limit?

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Unlike mobile phones Sony will be placing data limits on its PS Vita when it’s connected via 3G, according to one loose-lipped Sony rep.

In an interview at ASCII, a Sony Computer Entertainment spokesman said that 3G download will be limited to a paltry 20 meg, but the same representative did say that this might change in the future.

On the face of it doesn’t seem unreasonable that the 3G would have data limits, however if it means you can’t download games, system updates, films or any other media via 3G it does seem like a glaring omission.

The Sony rep assured us that, download size limits aside, both Wi-Fi and 3G users will be able to access the PlayStation Store to make purchases.  The representative also responded to the fear that the 3G’s 128kps download and 64Kps would have a detrimental effect on multiplayer gaming.

The rep was bullish stating the Sony will be making the right moves to support devs so that this isn’t a technical limitation.

In Japan, Sony has partnered with NTT DoCoMo for 3G service. DoCoMo will sell pre-paid cards costing ¥980 for 20 hours and ¥4,980 for 100 hours of 128Kbps/64Kbps transfer.  The 100 hour card includes a bonus three hours of high speed 14 Mbps download and 5.7 Mbps upload.

Whoever handles the UK data plans needs to make sure they get the data plans right or will risk alienating potential punters.

The PS Vita should be in stores by March 2012.

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