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Sony PlayStation 4 release date is 15th November in the US, 29th November in Europe

Last night at an exclusive Sony media event at the Gamescom 2013 show in Cologne, Germany, Sony took to the stage and announced the one piece of information we have all been waiting for: the release dates for the PlayStation 4 console.

Yes, the Sony PS4 will be officially released on the November 15th in the US and in Europe we’ll be getting the next generation console 2 weeks later on November 29th, both just in time for the Christmas 2013 rush.

We already knew that the console would be landing in Q4 of the year as Sony had promised that the PS4 would be landing in time for “holidays 2013”, but with the UK release date giving customers just 26 days to get one before Christmas day, it may be tough on some unprepared parents!

The console will be priced at £349 in the UK for a standard pack which includes the new The Playroom game pre-installed, which is a game that uses the new PlayStation Camera combined with the DualShock 4 controller to make an interactive gaming experience for the family.

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In Europe the same package will be priced at €399 and in the US gamers will have to pay $399, but all of this pricing was announced by Sony at the E3 gaming expo in June.

Sony also revealed that it has made deals with broadband suppliers in the UK including Virgin Media and Orange to provide special deals for high speed internet connections. In Europe Sony has also set up links with Ono, Orange and T-Mobile to ensure our European friends also stay well connected.

Little is known about the specifics of the deals and partnerships at the moment but Sony has said that more information will be revealed in the coming months.