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Sony Set to ‘Terminate’ Facebook Support on PS3 and PS Vita

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Sony has released a sternly worded statement advising PS3 and PS Vita owners that Facebook’s days on these platforms are numbered.

From January 2016, the manufacturer will “terminate”* support for Facebook on its previous generation and portable consoles and in-system integration and social network sharing will cease to exist. PlayStation 3 and Vita gamers may already notice that Facebook and associated apps have already disappeared from the PlayStation Store in preparation for its complete removal.

Sony apologises for the inconvenience and appreciates it’s gamer’s understanding in the statement’s closing words and it’s understood that Facebook support will continue on Sony’s flagship gaming platform, the PS4. Facebook integration will even be enhanced on this console with new video and screenshot sharing options alongside the usual friendly activities.

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We are surprised that the Facebook termination reaches PS3 as well, as the console is still widely used and continues to be relevant. But twenty years after starting the PlayStation brand it’s clear that Sony is looking to shift focus to PS4 moving forward and unfortunately the PS Vita, the seemingly lesser loved step-child, is losing yet another valuable feature.

*Arnie was unavailable for comment about any involvement in the terminating but we understand he’ll be back.

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