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Sony Playstation Home to become ‘The Hub’

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Playstation Home never quite blossomed into the virtual world that Sony had promised at the launch of the PS3. It has a following, but in recent times the online world has fallen foul to the popularity of social networking sites. The answer? Time for an overhaul.

The company has just announced that it intends to revamp the online community space from the eponymous abode to a train station-style space called ‘The Hub’. The Hub will act as a more game-focused environment for users to meet and challenge each other in.

While the ability to chat and share info will remain, the Hub will be built more around the games themselves, with virtual train platforms acting as the way into competitive gaming with fellow Hub inhabitants. The Hub will launch later this year.

Will changing the Playstation’s virtual space form a house to a train station actually make a difference? Let us know on the Gadget Helpline Twitter feed.