Nintendo 3DS: The Last Stand – Handheld to be rebooted with extra joystick & ‘medical-approval’

It seems Nintendo isn’t willing to give up all hope on the failing handheld 3DS – just yet. Despite investors pushing the struggling games co. into the mobile market, Nintendo is taking its portable gaming strategy back to the drawing board – rebooting the once so promising 3DS and addressing some of those issues that have been so damaging since the console’s release just 5 months ago.

Massive price slashes in the UK have brought the original 3DS down to £115 in some stores and ‘inside sources’ working with Nintendo have been in contact with a gaming website, to reveal the future of the plagued 3DS handheld. Suggesting that the hastily launched gaming gadget will be going through some much needed revisions before being reintroduced to the consumer marketplace.

Following reports of ‘headaches’ and ‘nausea’ being experienced, the rebooted Nintendo 3DS is said to reflect the health issues raised by users and professionals over the quality of the 3D layering and it’s affects on gamers. The source suggests that this layering will be “toned down”.

Yes, we also thought toning down the 3D on a 3D console seems ridiculous and Nintendo had already equipped the 3DS with an adjustable slider, so the gamer has always had control over how much 3D they can handle. But if the leak is to be believed this may all be part of Nintendo’s strategy to bring to 3DS to its desired position in the portable gaming market. If it looks like something has been done, and the console is stamped as ‘medically-approved’, it’ll raise the level of respect the kid-friendly console gets from the primary buyers – the parents.

Another important addition is said to be a second joystick, something that many serious gamers were quick to point out as a fatal omission on the originally released version of the Nintendo 3DS. The source tells that Nintendo’s redesigned – and renamed – 3DS will carry the extra stick, while the original 3DS will get an add-on stick to be bought separately.

And all this comes before a single Super Mario sighting on the console..

Nintendo’s Wii is also due for a face-lift. The Japanese games co. revealed at GamesCom ’11 that the current home entertainment console will be discontinued and a cheaper, slimmer model will take it’s place, ahead of the next-gen Wii U launch. Get the full story in the Gadget Helpline’s article – here

We’d like to know what our readers think of a rebooted Nintendo 3DS. Is it too little too late – or will the second-coming of the third-dimensional handheld will bring new life into Nintendo’s portable potential?

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Source: CVG