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Sony’s PlayStation Network exploited again?

After Sony had literally just started to turn the PlayStation Network back on, could the network have already been subject to another exploit?

Reports say that the password system used for PSN suffers from an exploit which would allow hackers to change your password, simply by using your PSN email and also your date of birth – data which happened to be stolen during the initial security breach.

Reports also suggest that Sony has now suspended PSN sign, and at the moment it’s currently not available on a number of Sony’s websites, including and also the website used to allow users to reset their passwords.

Sony has said that the sites are currently down due to essential maintenance, and at the moment they are unclear as to how long this will take.

The exploit was revealed by, who suggests that the best option for PSN users would be to create a completely new email address, and then switch your PSN account to use the new email address. Or, hopefully Sony will come up with a more suitable fix. If we have any more info, we’ll let you know.

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