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Sony’s PS Vita Suffers Day-One Software Bugs

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Sony has had to go on the defensive after the mostly successful launch of their new Playstation Vita was marred with users complaining about a host of software bugs.

The company enjoyed a strong opening weekend for their new portable, although it didn’t sell out, they did managed to shift 88% of the launch stock – which considering the current economic woes is mighty impressive.

Among the faults that have been witnessed by eagle-eyed users are unresponsive touch-screens, complete system crashes and freezes. Sony have released a software update today, which hopefully should resolve the issues.

Sony has issued a statement regarding software problems, which we have translated (poorly by Google Translate) and it reads: “Currently, special office and information center PlayStation Vita, has gotten more inquiries contact usually by the time zone we call remained a difficult tie. Apologize for any inconvenience to customers, Sorry.

“PlayStation Vita some of the inquiries have been received about the PlayStation Vita, by you doing your handy and easy, some cases improved. So we offer a Q & A below, before submitting an inquiry, try you for your check, thank you.”

The PS Vita launch has been one of the few success stories for the Japanese firm in 2011, it has been hit by the Japanese tsunami and a crippling hacking attack on the PlayStation Network. The firm has predicted an annual loss of more than $1bn.

Sony has not yet released sales figures from the Japanese launch, but it reported boosted stocks to 700,000 to cope with strong demand. Big crowds were reported on Saturday, despite freezing winter temperatures.

“I’m so happy to see so many people lining up for PS Vita so early in the morning,” Hiroshi Kono, president of Sony Computer Entertainment Japan, wrote on his blog. “I can tell they had anxiously waited for today’s launch.”

The PS Vita goes on sale in the UK on 22 February, so hopefully Sony can iron out the traditional teething problems before the console reaches these shores.

The new device, available with both Wifi and 3G connectivity, boasts a 5-inch display and one of the most advanced mobile CPUs available, based on ARM quad-core A9 architecture. The iPhone 4S’ chip is based on a dual-core A9 design.

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