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Is the Sound Charge t-shirt the perfect festival accessory?

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With the festival season in full swing hundreds and thousands of us are braving the mud and rain to take in the sound of some of our favorite live music.

But it doesn’t matter where we are going nowadays, our smartphones come in tow. This in turn causes the age-old problem of “how can I charge my phone when I’m sleeping in a tent full of mud and rain (worst case scenario) with not a plug socket in sight?”

Orange has given us the answer in the form of the Sound Charge t-shirt.  This is a t-shirt with an A4 sized flat microphone which takes in all the surrounding sounds – and at a festival there is plenty of  that – and then converts the sound into charge for your mobile.

Power is then output through interchangeable charging cables designed to work with most major phones.

Andrew Pearcey, Head of Sponsorship at Orange UK, said: “In a vibrant festival environment such as Glastonbury, sound is such an obvious medium that it seemed like a natural fit to use it in the development of this year’s prototype.

We envisage that this pioneering technology could really change the face of mobile charging in environments where eco charging solutions need to be found. It could even influence trends in fashion, with designers looking to integrate this passive charging solution into clothing.”

All the important insides of the t-shirt can be removed allowing you to wash the top, which is going to be much needed after a hard week of partying and mud diving.

All in all a great idea when looking for an alternative to portable chargers, but will this be the future of charging on the go?

Let us know your thoughts on this alternative way of charging. Will you be getting yourself a Sound Charge tshirt ahead of Glastonbury this week? Tweet us @Gadget_Helpline and let us know!