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Special Edition ‘Top Gear’ TomTom puts navigation gadget in the fast lane

TomTom has really put the pedal down for their latest gadget, rolling out a new special edition sat nav which features branding of the popular Beeb motoring and comedy show Top Gear – and it’s voice guidance system even features the iconic tones of veteran host Jeremy Clarkson.

Known for his dry, snippy humour and one liners, Clarky appears on the new TomTom Go Live 820 Top Gear sat nav, along with pal The Stig who features in, obviously, the silent navigation mode. The trademark Top Gear stylings will appear throughout as well as all the familiar TomTom Live features such as HD Traffic, journey times, dynamic routing, route alternatives, alerts of delays and newly detailed maps.

Clarkson will no doubt begrudgingly inform drivers of any speed camera on route and the service comes with weather reports and troublesome traffic updating refreshes every two minutes. The Top Gear TomTom also comes with Bluetooth, hands free calling and voice control.

Interestingly, Clarkson himself was once quoted on the BBC show as saying “When you rely on a sat nav, you don’t notice that the sun is in the wrong place in the sky. You stop using your inbuilt compass, your innate sense of which way is up. And don’t argue with any of this. Everyone can navigate by instinct, and if you can’t there’s something wrong with you and you should be in prison. The only people who can’t navigate instinctively are women and anyone trying to find Malpensa airport in Milan.”

The TomTom Go Live Top Gear model is available as a Halfords UK exclusive and costs £179.

Fans of the popular BBC programme might like to find out more about the Top Gear page on Facebook, which now allows you to watch a few of the best episodes online. Check out the Gadget Helpline’s article – Here.

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