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Spider-Man Coming To New Marvel Movies

Marvel’s Cinematic universe is the catch all term for the massive amount of already released, upcoming and planned superhero films which are all interconnected into one huge narrative  – main heroes include The Avengers (Hulk, Thor, iron Man, Captain America) as well as the Guardians of The Galaxy. However, several of Marvel’s best loved characters have seemingly been separated from the huge movie world.

Whilst beloved mutant team the X-Men have stayed in their own sphere for now, not appearing in the MCU although they are a big part of the comic world. However it’s been recently revealed through the multitude of leaked emails from the Sony Pictures hack that one of the most demanded heroes will be coming to the MCU – Spider-Man. We are overjoyed.

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The web slinging hero has of late starred in his own movies, and we can remember back what seems like ages ago to the days of Toby Maguire starring as the hero. However in the same way as an earlier Hulk movie, Spider-Man was rebooted with a new origin story in the recent Amazing Spider-Man movies starring Andrew Garfield.

However, if Spider-Man does manage to make it alongside The Avengers, Garfield is apparently not to continue in the role – it’s been rumored that the upcoming MCU title Captain America: Civil War could see Spidey make an appearance, so it’s up in the air just who will portray the massively popular hero.

The MCU isn’t just about movies, Daredevil is about to get his own new series aired on streaming site Netflix.

Of course, it’s Sony Pictures who currently hold the rights to the red and blue hero – according to the deal struck with Disney’s Marvel Studios, Sony will keep all the rights to the character, even though he will be appearing in the Disney-owned franchise. On the flip side this means that in Spider-Man’s standalone titles in the future we could see hints and nods to Marvel Cinematic Universe content.

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It’s a welcome announcement for Marvel fans, with die hard fans often ticked off by some of the liberties the newly created MCU has taken with the world established in the comics. Now that Spider-Man is set to be integrated into the movies, it’s the turn of the X-Men to be the most demanded, hopefully they too will eventually come to the MCU as well.

Fans may also fondly remember team-ups between the X-Men, Iron Man and Spider-Man at certain times, and in fact there have been a huge amount of crossovers in the comics. Over here we’ve only got one thought on our minds – just how will the serious Avengers cope with the youthful and fun loving Spidey? Fans of the comics may already have some insights into how the heroes interact.

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Source: Marvel