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Spotify apps to be unveiled today in NYC event

Spotify hits the streets of New York later today to reveal ‘What’s Next?’ from the online streaming music phenomenon. Many believed it would be a venture into the movie biz and we we’re easily led by the rumours suggesting we’d soon be able to grab a Hollywood blockbuster via the streaming media platform. However, now mere hours before the big secret being outted, NYC’s own The Wall Street Journal has revealed the truth..

The high-brow news source says that What’s Next for Spotify is actually a series of apps which will help widen the social aspect of the already popular tuneful member of the partnership with Facebook and deliver a one-stop music-shop which as well as offering streaming music will provide in-depth album reviews – this as listeners are actually listening to the latest tracks from top artists. The report from the WSJ also suggests that as we listen to our favourite artists, one of the new apps will allow us to browse tour dates and buy gig tickets within the Spotify software. Remember the big plans Google has in store for YouTube’s upcoming ‘Merch Store’?

My fellow cheapskates, who choose to mooch off the ad-supported version of Spotify will probably be wondering whether they’ll be privy to all this new app goodness, right? The Wall Street Journal goes on to tell us that the new range of apps will be available for non-premium subscribers as well as those who choose to pay for ad-free. It’s not yet certain whether the apps will be immediately available on smartphones or whether this will be addressed in the global press conference later today.

The Gadget Helpline will be tuning in to bring you the latest from Spotify in NYC!

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