Spotify Gift Cards appear at Morrisons – Online music store tunes up for Christmas

“Give the gift of music” this Christmas with a Spotify gift voucher – now available from supermarket Morrisons and soon to be appearing in other popular retail outlets.

We can’t go a day without hearing some news of Spotify and its growing influence on our web-savvy society – particularly after the partnership with top social net Facebook. So it’s really no surprise to see the cards popping up on shelves next to the other store vouchers (including Apple rival iTunes), traditionally bought when a lack of inspiration leaves us missing that special gift for a certain someone! The Spotify gift vouchers are sure to please music fans young and old and went on sale this morning in the UK grocery store in £10, £30 or £50 versions.

The card features a unique code used to which gets entered into a special portion of the Spotify website, once the PIN is entered and approved the money goes towards your subscription account – meaning ad-free streaming and download of the over 15-million songs available.

Truth be told, this has been available virtually for some time, but this way non-net nans can pick up a card for their tech-wise grandkids on their weekly grocery shop and be down with the kids this Christmas!

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