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Star Wars Xbox 360 with Microsoft Kinect Finally Released Today!

The circle is now complete. After months of waiting, including a devastating delay the Star Wars Xbox 360 with Kinect has finally gone on sale in the U.K. with a most impressive bundle which includes droided out console and controller and motion-capture gaming experience, that is most definitely the one you’re looking for!

Just like the mysterious origins of Darth Vader, which were demystified in the prequel episodes which are enjoying a re-release, Microsoft Head of Programming Larry Hryb aka “Major Nelson” recently pulled back the cloak surrounding the Star Wars themed console and its bounty of motion active Kinect goodness.

The hardware itself, as we’ve seen in publicity shots circulating since last year’s E3 conference, features the Xbox 360 320GB console in white with blue detailing, resembling the gadgetry of diminutive droid companion R2D2 – the base unit complimented by a controller decorated in a C3PO gold finish. The Kinect sensor completes the package and is in the polished white of a Stormtrooper’s armour.

As for the generously bundled content: The Major details five “dynamic” gaming modes for gamers to enjoy with their rebel friends. These include Jedi Destiny: Dark Side Rising, Podracing, Rancor Rampage and Duels of Fate – and game play will range from piloting ships as seen in the popular Saga, as well as land speeders and speeder bikes to engaging in saber-to-saber duels with fearsome foes the likes of the Dark Lords Vader and Count Dooku.

Thrown in for a bit of fun is the Galactic Dance-off, which will test players dexterity on the dance floors of Cloud City and Jabba’s palace in a multiplayer party mode. Just make sure your lady guests come properly attired – You know what we’re talking about.

Read Major Nelson’s transmission in full on his blog page and grab yourself this bounty of Star Wars Xbox 360 goodness today from retailers including Amazon, with prices of around £340 for the bundle.

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