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Steam to hold a massive 2014 Holiday Sale from 18th December!

Steam are yet to announce it, but thanks to a small leak that has been posted on Reddit, we now know that there will be a big old Steam Christmas sale starting from next week running for a full 2 week of the holiday period and ending January 2015.

A leaked email has come from a Japanese PayPal user who has since posted the email on Reddit, where the leaker simply states:

“Paypal Japan have just sent me an e-mail leaking the dates.
Screenshot here:

However, our Japanese is rusty, to say the least so we have no idea what the actual email image says…!

However, we are reliably informed that it states that the Steam Holiday sale will stare on Thursday the 18th of December and will run through till January the 2nd 2015.

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In the Steam Summer Sale, users saw some massive reduction on top tier games including Far Cry 3, Dead Rising and The Witcher 2 seeing massive discount (Far cry was discounted down to under £5) as well as flash sales and great discounts on indie games too. Apparently the Holiday Sale will be massive, and will surely make a few Steam gamers “To Play2 list very full.

We will keep you posted about the Sale when it goes live, but if not stay tuned next Week for some big deals.