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Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Kyocera DuraMax Mobile Phone – Who’s Tougher?

Double-hard former Pro Wrestler “Stone Cold” Steve Austin appears in a new video promoting the durability of a new mobile phone from Sanyo associate company Kyocera International – And yes, we did have to Google them to discover that the communications and wireless device maker is based in San Diego, USA and its latest upcoming model – the DuraMax certainly gives the former WWE heavyweight a run for his money when it comes to being tough!

Coming to terms with his explosively violent and beer-chugging past, Stone Cold is seen walking down the street listening to a self-help programme though earphones, repeating the tapes instructions of “I will not punch, kick or mutilate anyone today” and “I love puppy dogs”. Not exactly the grappler we recall dominating much of the 90s!

However, as the episode progresses all this changes when Steve starts hearing taunts on his hardness and traces the source to the DuraMax handset (available soon through US network Sprint) which is “peering” at him through a shop window. “You’re just a phone” says Austin. “I’m tougher than you” replies the disconnected voice – and this is where it all kicks off!

Stone Cold is seen pinning the Kyocera made mobile to a wall giving it the good old knuckle sandwich, as the military standard resistant rubberised handset continues to goad him into a rage, booting the mobile across a gravel floor, strapping it to the front of a scooter before tossing the DuraMax into the ocean. But demonstrating its extreme waterproofing, still the gadget continues to challenge the Champ.

In the end Austin agrees a truce with his “little buddy” saying that if anyone can go through all that, they’re okay in his book. Amusing video and quite a kick for relatively unknown Kyocera to get its name into the mobile arena!

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