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Tag Heuer To Make Their Own Smartwatch

When it comes to making only the best watches in the world, you simply cannot ignore what Europe has to offer. there’s Swiss Made for starters, a brand associated with beautiful, high precision timepieces which carry on a tradition of manufacture which has been passed down for centuries.

Tag Heuer has entered the game.

Not only that there’s also French firm tag heuer, who recently have answered the smartwatch call, promising their own device as soon as they can. Tag’s watches are some of the most beautiful in the world, each a work of art in its own right, the product of handcrafted brilliance.

So now Tag Heuer is on its way to getting out its first smartwatch, and of course, Tag being Tag, it’s not going to be some jumped up overpriced copy of the Apple Watch.

“We want to launch a smartwatch at TAG Heuer, but it must not copy the Apple Watch,” Tag Heuer’s head of watchmaking, Jean-Claude Biver, said to his local Swiss newspaper, NZZ am Sonntag. “We cannot afford to just follow in somebody else’s footsteps,” he added.

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Tag has spoken out before on the mass produced quality of the current generation of watches, such as devices from Samsung, Sony, Qualcomm and Pebble. Stephane Linder of Tag spoke out about the designs.

“They look like cheap, plastic-designed watches. In the luxury category, we work on every detail for crafted value. When I see the smartwatch, it’s interesting, but in terms of design, it looks like a cheap wrist computer. There’s not one that makes a great connection.”

With a touch of elitism there, Tag has summed up what a lot of people in the market for smartwatches are thinking, namely that nothing beats the looks and finesse of a mechanical timepiece engineered by the Swiss. Indeed, even the Apple Watch looks a little bit gimmicky compared to say… well, see below.

The Tag Heuer Link Lady Diamond Star Watch. Apple’s device is yet to come close to such gorgeousness of design.

Stephane Linder is confident in Tag’s ability to find a way to incorporate the necessary technology into their wonderful range of watches. “I don’t see us taking a big risk, unless we find a way to make luxury watches looking like real luxury watches that provide very easy-to-use, smart information that isn’t complicated—and don’t just replicate the mobile phone.”

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So, there you have it, even the biggest Swiss watchmakers are turning their heads to the competing Apple Watch. We hope that their designs in the future prove to be as fantastic as those in the past. Watch this space for more.

Source: Reuters

Via: T3