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Some technical details for Wii U emerge online – 50% more powerful then PS3?

Wii U technical information is starting to emerge – with a few details of Nintendo’s latest slipping out and offering us a look inside the console that got us all talking after the anticipated and somewhat disappointing E3 reveal.

Ports – The Wii U has them. Potentially quite a few of them in fact. 2 USBs at the rear of the console alongside a HDMI slot for that 1080p high-def gaming experience. Strangely no Ethernet slot on the back as came with the original. Wii U’s front features a panel which could reveal more USBs but it’s unlikely any Ethernet port would be hidden here.

Inside the Wii U’s console body comes a 45nm custom chip and custom Radeon GPU – not a big step up from previous model. Is this really worth the HD upgrade? We at the Gadget Helpline suggested that this latest unjustified console could work simply as an upgrade on the current Wii and the lack of a powerful graphics system suggests to back this further.

“Word” suggests that the Wii U will pack “50% more processing power” than Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 – we have to wonder if this is the case why were Nintendo forced to confess using their rivals tech to boost their own presentation of the Wii U at the E3 in Los Angeles last week.

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