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The Feel Bracelet – Hack happiness

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The year was 2016… The time was, unknown. The wearable market had been steadily beginning to grow over the previous two years, nobody knew where it was going to end up until the Feel Bracelet was designed and sent out to the masses. At this moment, everyone instantly knew what they were feeling and could view the data in realtime!

Not so much ‘search your feelings Luke’ but more track your feelings…

Back in 2013, the Pew Charitable Trust published Quantified Self, Self-Tracking report and the results showed that 69% percent of adults track themselves. Not only just tracking; 21% used technology to do it (34% still used pen and paper).

Introducing Sentio Solutions. This new wearables company from Los Angeles, showed off a new kind of wearable tracker at CES 2016 in Las Vegas over the last week, an emotion tracker. They have named their bracelet Feel. It is leather and looks like a slightly more stylish Fitbit, still only a prototype, but the company claim it was designed to measure your emotions throughout the day and then prescribe solutions or a program to help with those emotions.

Feel Bracelet is basically designed to pick up what you are feeling through biometric data and compile it all in a report for the wearer at the end of their day.

The device has four integrated sensors that measure and track bio-signals from users throughout the day, including galvanic skin response, blood volume, pulse and skin temperature (known collectively as the ‘Autonomic nervous system’). The buckle on the top of the wristband hides a flexible connection which should ensure that the bracelet stays stable on the wrist.

I am sure you are wondering why you need to be told what you are feeling, of course, we all know how we are feeling most of the time. The thing is, this report that the device will present to you via an app, will show you at what points of your day you were stressed. The theory is that you will be able to act on what stresses you out and work out what is actually stressing you.

The accompanying app looks interesting too, for example in cases of extremely stressful emotions, Feel bracelet will vibrate to make you aware of your emotional status. The app will also provide guided breathing and meditation exercises to help the user alleviate stress, like having their own personal wrist Buddha!

As of yet there are no retail prices so keep your eyes peeled for when this device hits the mainstream market.