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Tio – A Creative Kickstarter Project that Brings Toys to Life

The Gadget Helpline was recently contacted about a charming little smart toy called Tio, a Kickstarter innovation which encourages invention and building and has no limit on what your imagination can create.

Tio is basically a motorized, app-controlled box aimed at ages 5 and above which acts as a base for any and all types of robotic toys – breathing new life to old toys and introducing an animated twist to everything from Lego constructions, 3D prints and craft projects.

Thanks to a combination of mechanical moving parts, LED lights, magnetic mounts, sticky pads, wheels and other interchangeable accessories there literally is no limit to the stuff you can stick onto this thing. The Tio starter set will come with a selection of ‘creativity cards’ which are buildable templates of toys such as cars and helicopters and a ‘storybook’ containing other bright ideas to build at home is also included to get the inspiration flowing.

Controlling Tio via the app means you can move your masterpiece in a range of motions – rolling around like an RC car and spinning like a windmill are amongst the many functions available and its simple to program new functions to the smartphone software which is supported by both Android and iOS and is free to download.

Tio has even been demonstrated with a GoPro as a roving mobile action cam that can go anywhere proving it’s also fun for big kids too. In fact the Tio Educator and Inventor kits are also being aimed at teachers and creative professionals as well as little ones and future inventors.

Thanks to its versatility, simplicity, potential applications, and just being a charming product, Tio has been already applauded by computing industry leaders such as Microsoft who have said it could introduce kids to STEM skills and “really contribute to enthusing young people about engineering” and at time of writing the crowdfunding project is nearing £29,000, so well on its way to the full £50,000 goal to make this dream product a reality.

Starter bids begin at £5 for a thank you and a credit in the storybook, with other rewards available before a minimum bid of £69 which will get you the privilege of being one of the first to own a Tio Creator Kit including 2 blocks, 1 iOS/Android app, 1 storybook, 9 invention templates, 2 wheels, 2 tyres, 2 pulleys, 2 adapters, 5 magnetic mounts, 4 sticky tabs, 1 caster, 2 charge cables and 30 stickers.

We wish Mario and the guys at Tio the very best in their ongoing crowd-funding and hope to see this become a marketed product very soon. We encourage you read all about Tio over on the Kickstarter page.

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