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Tomb Raider Reboot Feature Shows Off New Lara Croft in Motion Capture Action

The official Tomb Raider channel on YouTube has released a video that reveals the new Lara Croft actress in action for the first time, as her movements are captured for the reboot of the iconic game which hits shelves on March the 5th 2013.

The Gadget Helpline covered the announcement that Camilla Luddington, a British-born actress who has appeared in True Blood and as Royal bride Kate Middleton in a made-for-TV movie, will be providing not only the voice but also getting physical to bring life to the adventuring archaeologist in her reimagined and earlier form.

In the first of a “Tomb Raider: The Final Hours” series of short web shows the new Lara Croft is interviewed at the headquarters of developer Crystal Dynamics about her important role in recreating the fantasy heroine for a new era. So overwhelming was the news that she had got the role, the actress says she actually screamed in her car – a little uncharacteristic for the Lara we know from her earlier exploits. However, as is the new game’s intended direction, our new Miss Croft is set to be a more humanised and emotionally compelling character so Camilla’s reaction to the part is quite good training really!

The feature of course shows off some of the sharp visuals of the new Tomb Raider game and for the first time we get to see and hear Lara speak on screen with voice supplied by the actress. Head of Studio at Crystal Dynamics Darrell Gallagher tells us of the worldwide search with hundreds of actresses whittled down to just the one, who they believed could bring “rawness” they sought for the Lara who will face some terrifying ordeals – some of which have pushed respectable taste and recently saw the developer come under fire from critics.

The video also proves that Camilla is more than just a pretty voice and is willing to get hands-on when it comes to battling for survival against the marauders who have captured her on-screen alter ego in the new game and is seen tackling armed attackers as well as wielding a bow and arrow.

It’s looking like Tomb Raider will be worth the wait after a delay of several months and its makers are rewarding us with a great sneak peek into their progress before the games launch on Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Windows PC on March 5th 2013. The Gadget Helpline recommends you check it out!

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