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TomTom planning on making its own Street View service?

So it looks like TomTom are going to step-up to the likes of Google and Microsoft and offer another alternative to the street-view experience that has proven to be a very popular over the last couple of years.

The news comes as an interesting picture appeared on Tumblr showing what appears to be a TomTom van with a 360-degree camera on top. At the moment it’s all speculation as TomTom has not confirmed or denied anything, although we can’t really think of any other service TomTom might be considering offering to its customers.

The folk over at Engadget have said that the vans have only been seen in France and Belgium at the moment, although it’s quite possible that there are more vans in various other European countries capturing pictures as we speak. Hopefully though, TomTom will be able to clarify exactly what’s going on in the not too distance future.

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