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Top 5 iPhone 5C cases

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The iPhone 5C is Apple’s colourful, plastic alternative to the flagship iPhone 5S and Apple has already conjured up some very intriguing official case designs. If you’re not a fan of the ‘connect 4’ cases Apple offers then here are five cool cases that’ll complement your chosen colour, all available right now at your friendly neighborhood iPhone 5C cases retailer.

5. Cygnett Crystal Clear Slim Case for iPhone 5C – Clear

For the first time, you’ve got to make a real choice when you go for an iPhone – what colour do you get? With five available, you’ll want to show off your chosen colour to everyone, but you don’t want to immediately get your iPhone 5C scratched or knocked either. The solution is a clear case like the Cygnett Crystal Clear Slim Case above, which offers a nice slim signature and a highly translucent chassis. This adds protection without taking away the eye-catching gleam of your chosen colour.

4. Wallet and Stand Case for Apple iPhone 5C – Blue

If you’re not hung up about the colour of your iPhone 5C and just want a cheaper iPhone then this case may appeal. It’s a denim-coloured wallet and stand case for the iPhone 5C, with a design that protects all sides of your phone as well as having some practical benefits. You can use the integrated stand to watch films or play games on the Retina display or use the pockets in the front cover to store important bits of paper or plastic like cash, credit cards and ID.

3. Case-Mate Barely There Case for iPhone 5C – Clear

Here’s another clear option for the iPhone 5C, from one of the biggest brands in the industry. The Barely There is well known for its blend of a slim profile and good impact protection, and should serve as a safe and sterling choice if you’re not quite sure which way to turn.

2. X-Doria Scene Plus Case for iPhone 5C – Tribal HB

This is one of the first cases that was announced for the iPhone 5C, and it remains one of my favourites. The X-Doria includes a cool geometric design reminiscent of Native American artwork. The case comes in cool colours, making a nice alternative to the rather bright and brash colour options Apple are providing with the 5C.

1. Case-Mate Slim Folio Case for iPhone 5C – Black

Our winning case is the Case-Mate Slim Folio. It offers a svelte and stylish take on the folio form factor, with a black leather-style facade and a microsuede interior. The case includes cutouts for the Apple logo, rear camera and buttons, while the flip cover will keep your screen scratch-free. The stand is handy too, although you won’t find any pockets here. All in all, a nice design that is well worth the extra bulk over slimmer, simpler iPhone 5C covers.

Have you found a hidden gem to protect or spice up your iPhone 5C? Be sure to make your own recommendations in the comments below!