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The top 5 Kindle accessories for 2013

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In this article we’ll be looking at five of the best accessories for the Kindle. Now, most of these will be for all Kindles, some will apply only to the new Paperwhite edition or the older Kindles. I’ll make this known where it applies, of course. For now, let’s get started!

5. 3-in-1 Charger Pack for the Amazon Kindle

Thankfully the charging requirements of the Kindle haven’t changed a whole lot over the course of its development, so this charging pack will work with any Kindle e-reader. The 3-in-1 pack includes a replacement USB cable, a USB AC adapter, and a USB car adapter. That’s pretty much everything you need to charge wherever you are!

4. DODOcase HARDcover for Kindle

This case, which is available for the Kindle 4 (the previous generation) and the Kindle Paperwhite (the current generation), is a stylish hand-made book cover that both protects and disguises. The nostalgic, low profile design ensures that your Kindle won’t get damaged and wont make it too much larger or heavier either.

3. Kandle II by Ozeri Clip-on Light

This attachable reading Kindle light provides good illumination for previous generations Kindles – it’s a bit useless for the Paperwhite though! It allows you to read late into the night if you like, with the battery powering the three bright LED lights without draining the Kindle’s ownpower supply.

2. SD TabletWear Leather Style Kindle Paperwhite Cover

This is the rather stunning Polka Black edition of the SD Tabletwear Leather Style case. As you’d expect from something made of faux-leather, it’s a fairly inexpensive case but it still offers a stylish look with a good half-dozen different textures and colours available. The case includes good padding, a magnetic snap closure, and an interior slip pocket. It’s probably the best low-cost case option for the Kindle and variants are available for older Kindle models too.

1. Kindle Paperwhite Gift Pack

This pack offers many of the previous accessories all together in one pack. That saves you a good amount of money, and it’s also a more suitable gift as everything is nicely bundled. The pack includes three charger accessories (USB cable, AC adapter & car adapter), a SD Tabletwear case and a screen protector. Like the case prior, it’s available for the current generation Paperwhite as well as in a slightly different configurations for the older Kindles.


So there you have it – five Kindle accessory options for you this New Year. I hope you’ve had a good one. Until later, farewell!