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Toshiba Reveals Glasses-Free ZL2 3D Television with Eye-watering £7000 Price Tag

It’s been a while coming but Toshiba has just revealed that its first goggle-less 3D goggle-box will go on sale in the UK next Monday – it’s a titan TV called the Toshiba ZL2 which will allow viewers to enjoy movie, sports and more in a new dimension converting 2D to 3D without the need to wear glasses. But it’s not to everyone’s budget to say the least. This set will set you back £6,999.99 – Keep the change!

No actually, don’t keep the change. We’ll need that spare penny for fuel to get us to the only place in Britain that’s actually selling the new flagship Toshiba ZL2. That’s the John Lewis store on Oxford Street in London which will be stocking the 55-inch television with a retina ripping resolution of 3840 x 2160p. The telly also comes along with Freeview and Toshiba’s own on-demand services. Not forgetting that USB and HDMI support as well as Wi-Fi connection will also be included.

The Toshiba Zl2’s three dimensions can be toggled and a highly sensitive camera picks up the viewer’s position to adjust the depth and angles accordingly. So in the natural seated position we (meaning you rich folk) should be able to enjoy a 3D Blu-Ray movie in a very respectable quality.

For now you can join the queues at John Lewis on March 12th for your chance to own one of Toshiba’s shibby new sets. Or you could wait till Harrod’s start stocking them a short time later. Just don’t expect much of a price difference!

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