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Newly announced ‘Total Recall’ game will be browser-based and Arnold-less

We were excited to hear that one of the best sci-fi action movies of our youth – Total Recall – was to be made into a game (again). Looking forward to a 21st century console epic, that erases the utter shambles that was the NES version, complete with quotable Arnold lines we’d be repeating for years to come, our hopes were immediately dashed when the full details emerged and we discovered that the new game will not be fully-immersive Xbox 360 experience like the virtual realities created by Rekall in the 1990 flick, but this one will be based in the confines of a lowly web-browser. And worst of all, it’ll be based on the upcoming 2012 remake starring Colin Farrell.

The press release reads..

“In a historic deal, SEE Games, an entertainment company publishing digital and online games tied to major licensed Hollywood franchises, and ZQGame, a leading publicly-traded Chinese online gaming company, today announced an innovative strategic relationship to create, co-invest in, and publish an original MMO (massively multiplayer online game) based on Columbia Pictures’ Total Recall set for release in the US on August 3, 2012.”

We don’t know what to expect from the second movie adaptation of Philip K Dick’s novel We Can Remember It For You Wholesale – but we aren’t expecting much. The Arnold Schwarzenegger original Total Recall was a gadget-filled, quote-tastic piece of sci-fi/thriller cinema with a diverse and perverse array of fantasy characters. It sounds like a video game and it deserves a worthy video game which makes up for the absolute stain of a platformer released in ’91.

If we could be wired up to a machine and forget this announcement ever happened, we’d do it!


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