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Tweak Released to Minimise Lag on the HTC One X

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If you’ve bought an HTC One X and you’re finding the Sense UI a bit slow and overwrought, then an answer may be at hand. Programmer hamdir over at XDA Developers has released a fix to the Sense 4.0 launcher ‘Rosie’ that improves performance significantly while scrolling between home screens.

The fix upgrades the Ultra Smooth Launcher mod released earlier that locks the frame rate during page scrolling to add a further optimisation: The ‘depth effect’ between layers is flattened, meaning less has to be rendered and random lag spikes should be removed. While the HTC One X and its quad-core processor is fast enough to deal with these effects, the HTC One X battery management present on the phone means that the kernel doesn’t boost the core speed beyond 1GHz, or two cores, when the default launcher is running so these random moments of lag are fairly frequent.

There are two flavours available: Super Smooth Rosie and Ultra Smooth Rosie. Super Smooth Rosie keeps all of the layered widgets in the home screen that you begin the scroll from static, and freezes/flattens all other home screens until you stop scrolling. Ultra Smooth Rosie goes further, completely disabling the layers effect by flattening and freezing all home screens while scrolling. This means you lose out on the effect, but you should have the bigger performance improvement.

The mod replaces the Rosie.apk, so be sure to back up the original before you begin. Presumably you’ll need to have your phone rooted, and it’ll only work on certain ROMs – be sure to check that yours is the right one before you make a move.

View the original XDA thread here for downloads and additional information.

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This article was written by William Judd. William writes for Mobile Fun, the UK’s leading online retailer of the Sony SmartWatch.