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Twitter buys Tweetdeck for $50 million

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Sources speaking to Techcrunch are reporting that microblogging site Twitter as purchased Tweetdeck, a Desktop and Mobile Twitter client, for somewhere between $40 and $50 million.

As of yet both companies haven’t confirmed the acquisition but sources close to both companies have confirmed to Techcrunch that the takeover bid was made yesterday. According to the sources, the buyout was made in an attempt to stop Uber Media doing the same first.

Uber Media create a number of multi-platform Twitter clients such as UberSocial (formerly Ubertwitter) for iPhone and Blackberry. Earlier this year Twitter blocked Uber Media’s twitter client, Ubertwitter, for violations against their terms. It is not thought that the acquisition by Twitter has anything to do with these previous issues.

We expect to see a press release from both Twitter and Tweetdeck soon. What do you think Twitter wants Tweetdeck for? Perhaps their desktop client will be integrated into the Twitter site as a part of the next redesign. Let us know your thoughts!