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Twitter to offer Facebook-style “pages” to advertisers

Advertising could start hitting Twitter soon under the guise of Facebook-style “pages” as the networking site looks to appeal to marketers wanting to use the popular social hub to reach out to the millions and millions of users visiting the site daily.

That’s over 200-million users, in fact, none of whom actually pay to use the service to inform fellow tweetards of the most insignificant of events. The site makes next to nothing financially and this move would essentially sell advertising space making company and product pages available to the massive audience who make up the Twitter traffic.

Facebook generally hides its advertising behind fun-to-click “Like”-able pages, but Twitter is a much less dedicated social service. It lets users post quick tweets of info limited to 140 characters and with no detailed “profile” section the idea of company pages used for marketing leaves much to the imagination.

One thing that is reported reveals that changes to Twitter’s search algorithm will be made, meaning that the search will pick up key words rather than just usernames as it currently does – so even if a company name doesn’t contain words relating to its field of business it will be picked up by the search as well.

It’s hard to tell how this will work at the moment and how the “pages” idea will convert to Twitter. Many companies already have a Twitter presence and use it to tweet their wares free of charge – so how will this differ and what additional value will sway advertisers into paying to promote?

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