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Vertu Luxury Smartphone Launched – Costs £7k & Comes With ‘Concierge’ Button

A British designer of lavish handmade luxury items has announced a stunning smartphone to make your eyes water but the Vertu Ti is no pocket money mobile – this one will actually cost you a staggering £7,000. If you want to know why the high fee for this fashionable phone, just check out the spectacular specs..

As mentioned, each of these seriously stylish smartphones is a handmade handset pieced perfectly together by a member of the staff of only 1,000 at Hampshire based Vertu – formerly part of Nokia. The casing of the Android 4.0 based Ti smartphone is crafted from lightweight but hardwearing grade 5 titanium and the 3.7-inch screen is actually made of sapphire crystal that allows ‘flawless optical quality’ and is a gemstone usually reserved for jewellery which is known for being ultra-tough and scratch-proof. To make every piece one of a kind, each Vertu Ti is signed in etch on the back by its craftsman (or woman).

As for the internals the power matches the strength and style, the Vertu Ti boasting 1.7GHz dual-core processing with 1GB RAM and 64GB internal memory. ‘Symphonic sounds’ are promised with tuning in collaboration with audio tech pioneers Bang & Olufsen and the smartphone also comes with custom interface and apps allowing it’s users to browse classy eating venues and culinary experiences. Imagine Bing or FourSquare but with a serious injection of swank!

Those who can afford this glamorous gadget can even call on extra ‘unique services’ any time of day or night through a ‘Concierge’ feature accessed by the special ruby set Vertu Key. A pair of camera comes included with an 8-megapixel main camera and Skype compliant 1.3-megapixel front-facing camera.

The target market for this beauty is Asia, more specifically India and most of us Average Joes will never own such a desirable device as the Vertu Ti. Don’t expect the Gadget Helpline to get a grubby hands-on anytime soon – but we just had to show you how the upper crust do it!