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Vertu Releases Lizard Skin Signature Smartphone Costing £7,200

If the leather on offer from the likes of the LG G4 isn’t quite luxury enough for you, you can now catch yourself a lizard skin smartphone thanks to fancy mobile manufacturer Vertu.

The Hampshire based company Vertu, which was previously owned by Nokia, specialises in ultra-fashionable and exquisitely expensive phones and its latest reptilian additions to the flagship Signature 2015 range will set you back £7,200 a piece at a handful of boutique stockists.

We say you, as on our salary we could only dream of stroking just one grubby finger over the scaly yet smooth texture of one of the two new models available: Night Forest – featuring a rich green covering, and Dark Scarlet – referred to as a woody chestnut red. These are the two most recent additions and other colours are also available.

Both made in England, with skins tanned in Spain, the colours are inspired by our woodlands and are gathered from the Water Monitor Lizard – a large reptile which is a protected species in some parts of Asia. But fortunately you won’t bump into one in our forests. They are however, presumed to be relatively docile and not known to be people-eaters but we think they might have second thoughts if they saw somebody carrying one of their relative’s hides as a smartphone cover.

The lizard skin finish is the main selling point of these new Signature models and other lavish features include a Grade 5 titanium shell, sound tech supplied by Bang & Olufsen with 13-megapixel camera from Hasselblad of Sweden.

Beneath the surface appearances the specs are of a fairly low-par compared to flagship products from more mainstream manufacturers, with the Vertu offering a 4.7-inch 473dpi touchscreen display, 2.3GHz Snapdragon 801 processor (aptly) and running last season’s Android 4.4 KitKat. Vertu has been criticised for being a step behind when it comes the functional side of its phones and this is again evident with the Signature Lizard Touch range. But doesn’t it look nice?

Source: Vertu