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Virgin Media expands 3D content via deal with Sony, Discovery and New Media Vision 3D

Last week the BBC decided that it was going to put the 3D service aspect of its operations on hold for 3 years, thus leaving a bit of a gap in the market for all those folks who have fronted up some cash to buy a 3D TV and system.

Well fear not as  Virgin Media are looking to pick up the 3D slack left by the British Broadcasting company as Virgin has today announced that they have signed deals with Sony, Discovery and New Media Vision 3D to offer a boatload of new 3D TV content via its on demand service.

Throughout July virgin Media subscribers with compatible equipment will be able to get a load more 3D content to want on the box for free as well as having a selection of 3D movies available to rent on demand. 3D title such as The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Oz the Great and Powerful, Wreck-it Ralph and Life of Pi (which is a must see in 3D!) will all be available from today with Jack the Giant Slayer will be joining the line-up from 22nd of July.

Kevin O’Neil, head of TV production management for Virgin Media has stated:

“3D offers a unique and often breath-taking experience and our customers are making the most of Virgin Media’s 3D on demand line-up to sit down and try it for themselves. We offer our customers a wide choice of content and 3D at no extra cost is proving to be a valuable addition for many of our TV fans,”

Virgin Media claims it was the first TV service to bring 3D content to UK television screens, and said subscribers can watch up to 25 hours of 3D TV content, including everything from Hollywood blockbuster movies to wildlife documentaries.

“Over one million 3D movies and program’s have been watched on Virgin Media’s 3D On Demand service,” the firm said.

Julys offering is just the start of this major 3D rollout with Virgin TV offering more content “in the coming months”.