Vodafone YouTube reveals HTC EVO 3D will come to UK network

HTC has just officially announced the launch of the Android Gingerbread-packing EVO 3D in the United Kingdom for this July – and there’s some confirmation that the handset will be hitting the Vodafone network.

A video had already appeared on the Vodafone YouTube channel promoting the new HTC Evo 3D; showing off the handset and explaining a little about the 3D feature. The video suggests we visit the Vodafone shop online to find out more, however when we visit we find nothing – even after the official word from HTC.

Searches aren’t bringing up the goods either – there’s no price or date. So far none of the other network carriers in the UK have confirmed they will be supporting the HTC Evo 3D, so it makes us think this video may have been pushed a little prematurely.

We’ll be following this up hopefully with pricing and more specific release dates, but until then please read our HTC Evo 3D release article and here’s that video posted on the Vodafone YouTube Channel:

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