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Watch Star Wars The Force Awakens with Movie Buddy BB-8

We’re really looking forward to sharing the experience of re-watching Star Wars: The Force Awakens with mates when it comes out on Blu Ray on April 18th. But worry not if you’ve actually got no mates, because BB-8’s got your back!

A special update has been rolled out to Sphero’s BB-8 app controlled droid with a new mode called ‘Watch With Me’. The update will enable the adorable bot to react to the action on screen as you’re watching Episode 7 on your telly screen. BB-8 will move and make his expressionate bleeps and boops as The Force Awakens plays by capturing sounds via the connected smartphone or tablet’s microphone. BB-8 will become animated in response to scenes of excitement, fear and sadness.

As well as the reactions from BB-8 the update will bring another new feature to its control app for Android and iOS which allows factoids about the movie and the characters to pop up on your device screen during the film. Both the droid and the app will work not only with The Force Awakens Blu Ray but also the DVD and digital copies.

The BB-8 droid from Sphero was one of Christmas 2015’s best sellers and the toy literally rolled off the shelves thanks to the appealing little chap’s appearance in the blockbuster movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Everybody wanted to own a BB-8 and with regular updates there’s plenty of life in him yet. A new version is even already in the pipeline which features movie authentic finish including dust and damage effect and owners will be able to control both models by gesture using the Force Watch which is expected before Christmas this year.