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WhatsApp Messenger app lands on BlackBerry 10 OS

BlackBerry 10 users can rejoice that they are not being completely left in the dark by app developers, as the mega popular WhatsApp messenger app is now available in the BlackBerry World for the latest BlackBerry 10 operating system.

This comes after both Instagram and Netflix announced that they would not be making BB10 specific apps anytime in the near future as the demand for the apps was too low.

However, it seems the folks behind WhatsApp don’t agree as the service is now available to download free of charge (for the first year that is, then it’s £0.69 a year!) allowing you to message your friends free of charge around the globe.

WhatsApp is a cross-platform messaging application which means users can send text messages, audio, photo, and video all for free over a data connection to any other person with the app installed. Unlike Apple and BlackBerry’s iMessage and BBM services, you can message cross platform free of charge.

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The app is available on all other platforms and is a constant fixture in the most popular/top rated apps in all app stores, and reportedly ten billion messages per day are sent using WhatsApp, so the popularity of the app will never be under question by BlackBerry.

We love WhatsApp and it’s one of the great smartphone applications that helps us connect across the globe and most importantly, it’s free! If you have a BlackBerry Z10 and dont use WhatsApp then get on and download it… Now!