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WhatSIM – Dedicated WhatsApp SIM Card Goes on Sale

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A dedicated WhatsApp SIM card has been launched offering unlimited chat for a whole year at a cost of just €10.

ZeroMobile has produced the WhatSIM which has no network allegiances and can work from almost anywhere. It does this by automatically seeking out and piggybacking a connection off of more than 400 mobile carriers across the world, allowing users to communicate through the Facebook-owned messaging service in around 150 countries.

WhatsApp is a free to download app now used by over 700-million mobile owners and for many it replaces the standard SMS/MMS text and multimedia messaging services.

The WhatSIM can be sized to fit regular, micro or nano SIM holders but won’t replace the standard SIMs ability to allow calls and access mobile internet data. However, if mobile messaging is your bag then it’s specifically tailored to those chatting needs and comes for a flat fee of €10 (£7.50) for basic texting through the app.

The texts are free to send and receive with no contract or commitment but after your first year with the WhatSIM the service will become subscription based. Photo, video and voice messages will cost a bit extra on top through purchase of ‘recharge’ points if you want 1000 of them for €5 extra. This offers 50 photos and 10 videos or allows 200 voice messages to be exchanged. But even with this as an optional extra it’s still an incredibly cheap way to send multimedia content at home or abroad. Take our Euros.

For more information and to buy one the WhatSIM website has it all.