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Not Agreeing to New Wii U Update T&Cs Can Lock Console

Nintendo has recently rolled out an update for the Wii U which, while usually a quick and painless task, has been discovered could actually lock the console if owner doesn’t agree to new terms and conditions.

With version 5.2.0 of the Wii U system firmware gamers were promised improvements to menus, new power settings, a redesigned Home screen and the usual reinforcements to the console’s overall stability. Another new and unexpected inclusion is that when the update completes and the system reboots Nintendo owners will be presented with an End User License Agreement screen before the console can proceed to the Home.

Most carefree souls don’t even read the small print and just go ahead with updating their devices, agreeing regardless of the ownership and licensing terms which in this case decrees that despite having bought and owning the Wii U console, the system software, any changes made to it are in Nintendo’s hands as is the user’s access to its services.

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However this one has no get out option and a growing number of more conscientious Wii U players have reported that unless you accept the EULA this screen will keep re-spawning and will render the console unusable. A video from YouTube user AMurder0fCrows shows the eternally looping EULA screen and its list of Ts & Cs you will be confronted with if you are to try to work around it using the Wii U GamePad. Not even offline content or the Home screen will be accessible again until your will is broken and you’re forced to hit the Agree button.

Nintendo always come off as the nice guys of the gaming industry and it’s not like you’re selling your soul to the Devil by agreeing to its terms, but it is an unusual practice to deny access to all functions of the console if you don’t obey and adhere – something not even Sony and Microsoft do on their respective consoles.

This isn’t 1984, Nintendo. We thought we were bros..

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