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Windows Metro UI is coming to a platform near you.

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Windows have recently released some new info about Windows 8 and and i am presently surprised!

Windows are taking the Metro UI seen on windows phone 7 and giving it the special treatment pushing it to its 2 other major platforms, Windows 8 OS for pc’s laptops and tablets! And also to Xbox.

The Metro UI  is a stunning u i and is demonstrated in the live tiles and interface on windows phone 7 it is a simple elegant OS allowing seamless change between screens and giving a user experience second to none. The main issue with windows phone 7 is not the user interface it is the 3rd party developer support and apps available for the platform but this is growing!

So after the success of windows phone 7 and the not so success of windows 7 tablets, Microsoft had an idea.. combine the two!

By doing this they will allow a full touch friendly experience on a Windows tablet, but the Metro UI is stunning so why only give the option to tablet users as it is just as user friendly for PC and laptop users also .

And that brings us to Windows third screen Xbox, the main interaction between the three is the high involvement of Silverlight, this is a major tool in developing apps for windows phone 7 and bringing this to Xbox and windows 8 will open the door for easy porting of apps to one of the other platforms making this a very interesting thing for developers.

The metro UI will also be coming to Xbox giving Microsoft their 3 screens that were promised back in 2009. Three screens and a cloud was Ray Ozzie’s promise, and it looks like Microsoft is finally there.