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Windows Phone 8.1 to bring App Folders support?

It looks like Microsoft will be continuing its slow build of the Windows Phone 8 operating system with a new update, that is reported to bring the Folder functionality to the operating system. The ability to create folders for Apps and games has been lacking on the Windows Phone OS since its inception, but it looks like Microsoft will be changing this very soon with a Windows Phone 8.1 update.

The news that the Folder system is coming has been accidentally outed in a online support article, which has since been pulled, but The Verge were quick to pick up on the information before its removal.

Both Android and Apple released the Folders ability long after their initial launch, but with the Windows Phone OS launching without the folders feature, after both iOS and Android had included it in its standard software has always been a mystery.

What is apparent though, I with more and more developers making apps WP accessible, a folders are needed to keep the OS clean and simple.

As with other OS’s, users will be able to group apps on their home screen by dragging them on top of each other, and then users can edit the name of their folders after they have been created.

Microsoft is still in the process of rolling out its Windows Phone 8.1 update to its users, and the folders feature may be an additional feature with this update, or a smaller update at a later date.

Image: The Verge