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Windows Phone 8.1 OS to Launch on April 23rd?

Earlier today a leaked Video from China reportedly showing off the incoming Windows Phone 8.1 software update leaked online, and since then further confirmations and even a leaked Launch date for the incoming SO update has been suggested as the 23rd Of April.

Windows Phone centric website, WPCentral , has reported that several sources have confirmed that the Windows Phone 8.1 OS will be launching on April 23rd alongside a handful of new phones, one of which we guess will be the Nokia Lumia 630 that was seen in the leaked video.

Microsoft have a big conference this week at the Microsoft BUILD Developer Conference event will be running form April 2-4 in San Francisco, CA and we are expecting to at least hear some information about the 8.1 Software update form the people who in theory should be testing it at this moment.

Nokia will be taking to the stage at BUILD as they have already expressed that they will be bringing Lumia smartphones to the Event. Seeing as Nokia are pretty much the biggest fans of the Microsoft Mobile OS, we should think that they would be in attendance.

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Whilst we all know that the WP 8.1 update is on its way, what it actually entails is still somewhat of a mystery, but thanks to the leaked video we know that the software update will feature an updated interface, new Action Centre notifications and new camera software.