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Wizards Unite – Tips, Tricks etc, We Tried It Out!

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Niantic, virally famous for Pokemon Go, have now released Wizards Unite.

The Starter pistol has been fired and the players are off, smartphones held high. Expect to see teams of budding wizards running around this week looking for that elusive snitch. Wizards Unite is a go!

So what’s the general idea?

Just like Pokemon GO, players have to use their phones with location on. They also have the option to use AR (Augmented Reality) just like Pokemon GO.  Basically, it is a skin change from their previous mobile game.

Instead of collecting Pokemon, the players will be on the hunt for all kinds of creatures, objects and characters.

Once the players stamina has run out they must visit an inn for a hearty meal. Very similar to Poke-stops in Po-Go. You can also top up your stamina with real money of course via the usual methods with mobile gaming.

Looks wise, on a personal bias, we prefer the look of this game over Pokemon GO. It has a much cleaner, polished look and feel to it.

It also has a lot more to do the for average player. Not only are there creatures to capture, you can also look for spell ingredients etc.

Wizards Unite Permissions

Permissions-wise, this game is exactly the same as the Pokemon based variant. The device needs your camera and location. It also requires your contacts and storage in order to keep all your progress somewhere. You can also download all game assets to storage to speed up game loading time.

Please note: The permissions can be disabled in the settings option once in-game. You can also disable the AR option as this is an extreme power drain.

In Game Tips

After giving the game a good trial this weekend with family and friends we compiled a few tips for new Wizards n Witches.


If you need the settings page, the icon for it is top left of the suitcase window.

  1. Turn you AR off in combat from the get go. This difference in power usage is large.
  2. Download all game assets when on Wi-Fi if you have the storage space. This will speed your game loading times up substantially.

Portmanteau’s & Portkey’s

  1. If you are reasonably aware of Pokemon GO then you understand how to hatch an egg. These have the same function, in that they slowly open the more you walk. You need to unlock them with a key first then you are good to go.
  2. On tapping Use the camera will open up and show you a glowing box with a boot in it. Tap the boot and enter the location.
  3. If you are on GPS when using the Portkey there could be an issue with using it. Easy fix though. Once you have opened the key and stepped inside turn your phone upside down. This should stop any GPS problems, did with ours anyway.

Manage Your Inventory

As you progress you will notice very quickly that your inventory keeps filling up. This is good, as you will need these items for potions etc. The problem will be when your common items begin to fill up the box. All you need to do is open the Vault, select the abundant ingredient and tap manage. Once here you can select how many you wish to delete.


This is where you keep all the images you have collected, just like a sticker book. There is a slight difference though. Once you have completed a picture you will be given the option to Prestige the page. This will reset the page and also give more XP on recapture.

Inns, Greenhouses & Spell Power

At times you will find that you cannot cast spells to catch anything. The game will ask you if you wish to spend 100 Gold for 50 Spell power. Obviously if you have money to burn then this is no issue as you can just buy Gold with real money. For those out there who cannot do this you need to visit some inns. Each visit to an inn will give spell power. There is a five minute refresh time until you can visit them again so carry on walking until the next one. With a local park you will find that you can easily replenish in no time at all. Easily done by visiting a few along your route regularly.

You can also gain spell power from visiting a greenhouse. Not only does this give you spell power, it also gives you potion ingredients. If you are unsure whether you have visited one of these within the last five minutes there are clues. Look for the smoke out of the Inns chimney or the glow rising from the greenhouse. These signify that the cool-down timer is in effect.

Wizarding Challenges

This is where you can team up with friends on Wizards Unite to take down hard challenges. I believe this is what sets it apart from Pokemon GO entirely.
In tandem with three different class choices, each class has a full skill tree they can spend points in. Depending on what they wish to do in the challenges of course.

Currently there is only one lesson per class (Fundamentals lesson) but the game explains more lessons will be coming soon.

Things to remember in the challenges:

  1. You have a time limit. If this ticks down to 0 then the challenge is over.
  2. You can have up to 5 players team up for a challenge. The more teammates you have, the larger the XP bonus.
  3. Being knocked out is no issue as long as you have time left to complete the challenge.
  4. You can use health potions and Exstimulo (spell power) potions while in combat and when choosing your combatant.
  5. Your class may have a Hex you can place on an enemy. Select the Hex and drag over the enemy then drop. The image on the right below shows the Hex option just above the pink bar.
  6. Some items can only be gained through the challenges.
  7. Some classes can heal stamina, this can be crucial in a tough fight.

Hidden Extra

If you open up the shop and scroll all the way to the bottom you will find a free claim with a time limit. Claim this for goodies and spell energy. Yes, it’s right at the bottom!


Wizards Unite is quite an enjoyable experience, especially with friends or family. Niantic seem to have thought long and hard about this one and there is a lot to do thanks to this. As always with these kinds of games; make sure you are aware of your surroundings while playing. Oh, and don’t forget that battery pack!

You can find the app for download here.

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