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WonderCube – the key ring that offers 8 mobile essential Smartphone accessories (Video)

As little gadgets go, this one is pretty cool. WonderCube is a key ring that has been designed to provide all the essential accessories a smartphone user should have on them, all in a tiny 1-inch cube.

The device is very impressive when you consider all the functionality it offers, and the fact that it’s only 1-inch big. The WonderCube includes a torch, charger, memory card reader, phone stand and also has the ability to provide emergency power to your smartphone.

Check out the video below that shows all its functionality in action, and how easy it is to operate each one.

“Introducing WonderCube, the world’s smallest all-in-1 mobile solution for on the go generation, small enough to sit on your fingertip. It can unfold and transform in many ways. WonderCube is durable, super tiny and lightweight. It lives on your key ring and always be there when you need it.

No tangled cable. No mess. WonderCube features a foldout flexible USB cord measuring 3 inches when extended. Neatly folded in just 1-inch, the cube is completely covered without any exposed contacts. It’s incredibly durable and compact. A cable designed to be with you everywhere!

As you can see, the WonderCube is certainly a well thought through product and sort of like a Swiss army knife for your smartphone, and although it’s not available to purchase as yet, you can certainly help make that become a reality by contributing to its IndieGoGo project. Although saying that, the people behind the WonderCube have already met their funding target, however you can still contribute to the project which should allow you to get your hands on one before the device enter mass market production. It’s thought that people who have already made a contribution to the IndieGoGo project can expect to get the device in their hands by August this year.

Let us know your thoughts on this little gadget, do you think it’s pretty cool, perhaps you’ve been something better; as always drop us a comment below.