World War Z Game Unleashes Zombies on iOS and Android from May 30th

As World War Z prepares to infect cinemas next month, Paramount Digital Entertainment has released a trailer for a tie-in game which will become available for Apple iOS and Google Android based gadgets on May 30th.

The World War Z app is developed by Phosphor, the team behind last year’s fantasy adventure ‘Horn’, and just like that game the zombie-filled survival horror utilises the Unreal 3 engine which will make the outbreak on mobiles and tablets look very real and the experience of playing it feel like a console game. The only difference is it’ll be delivered right in the palms of our trembling sweaty hands!

The trailer reveals the same intense action as the recent World War Z movie trailers, with hordes of undead charging the ravaged city streets where players will take on the role of the Brad Pitt character Gerry Lane.

Using the touchpad on a smartphone or tablet as controls, players will get to use various objects as weapons and the trailer shows a zombie taking a good bashing around the head with a crowbar, which is always fun – but this can also be used as a practical tool for the exploring and puzzle-solving elements of the game.

Paramount’s decision to forsake the home console market and unleash World War Z directly to mobile platforms follows Marvel and Disney’s recent move with the Iron Man 3 game which was designed specifically for touchscreen play and looked remarkable, particularly for a game which didn’t touch down on big gaming brands like Xbox and PlayStation, instead favouring the growing trend of app gaming with iOS and Android.

We’re somewhat disappointed that Max Brooks, the author of World War Z, recently confirmed that the movie only links to the superb book by its name but we’ll certainly be checking out the game when the virus spreads to the App Store, Google Play and Amazon at the end of May.

Video Source: IGN