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WWE 2K15 First DLC Pack Revives WCW

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World Championship Wrestling (WCW) becomes part of the WWE 2K15 universe today as the first DLC packs for this year’s grapple game become available for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4 and PS3.

The WCW Pack costing £6.39 is the crown jewel in the first wave of downloadable content and features legends of the then World Wrestling Federation’s lead rival organisation throughout the nineties including 3-time champion turned fitness guru Diamond Dallas Page, Bam Bam Bigelow, Lex Luger, Fit Finlay and Lord Steven Regal who would later become best known as the WWE’s sneering British aristocrat William Regal.

Another pack available today is an Accelerator for £1.59 which unlocks all characters, title belts and arenas found in game, but excluding the pay-to-download stuff. And for those who missed out on the Sting and Hulk Hogan pre-order bonus characters they can now be bought for £2.39 with each pack including two versions of their respective wrestling icon.

A Season Pass is now for sale too, which for an upfront payment of £19.99 offers several new storyline packs that are downloadable ahead of their day of release. The pass offers an overall saving on the individual sum of its parts and the bonus of WWE Diva Paige thrown in to play with, which personally we wouldn’t turn down.

It was also announced that more DLC will become available in early 2015 including a trio of 2K Showcase storylines featuring a Randy Orton vs Christian feud, and career highlights for superstars Mark Henry and the Ultimate Warrior which are available early with the season pass. These packs offer additional characters which are encountered in the storyline and once defeated can be used in the free play modes. NXT roster members will also be playable for the first time in WWE 2K15 in the NXT Arrival pack, also available in coming months.

It’s good to finally have the option to get additional playable characters when the WWE 2K15 game offered little variety out of the box, although there’s a couple in there that we see won’t be getting much ring time after the initial novelty of a marginally increased roster wears off.

But maybe this first DLC will offer just enough muscle to satisfy grapple fans this side of the pond while we continue to endure the gruellingly long wait before the promised WWE Network arrives?

The sport entertainment company’s CEO Vince McMahon recently appeared on a podcast with Attitude Era legend ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin and addressed the delay for the 24/7 streaming platform in reaching the UK and confirmed it will happen in early 2015. Ironically the show was broadcast only on the WWE Network.

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  1. Let’s have WCW back on TV as WWE spin-off series for the wrestlers who would leave WWE, TNA, NWA,
    Ring of Honor and Independent circuit. Oh, and for the newcomers, too.

  2. I Want All The Nxt Trophy Unlocked Right Now. giant I Please Get In Online Axxex All The Wcw SuperStars And Divas I Want Divas In SuperStars Skins

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