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Xbox One To Stream Games To PC

Microsoft is reportedly in the process of working on a special method of streaming games direct from the Xbox One to the user’s PC, according to Neowin in a recent article. Apparently the system will allow the console to send data to PC web browsers over the cloud.

The Xbox One should be able to stream games to the PC if this feature gets confirmed.

Microsoft’s desire to get the Xbox One streaming data to external devices may be a move to rival Playstation 4’s PlayStation Now service which allows consoles to stream games between each other, even if the other console’s owner doesn’t have the game in question.

Neowin’s sources state that the system is currently working well, with a smooth operation providing the necessary 60 frames per second, a standard for most games to aspire to provide today. Microsoft is also apparently treating this as it’s next big thing for Xbox One, as opposed to a side project.

Microsoft’s Azure platform for cloud computing is possibly involved with this new streaming service, indeed last month a service known as Outatime was revealed for the purpose of streaming games, then an experiment, now it seems game streaming is going to make it as a final project.

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Indeed, tests so far have worked pretty well, with two games working with the system already, Doom 3 and Fable 3, two quite different games, Doom being the more dated title than Fable 3. Whilst not the most graphics intensive pair, these games do represent a first step for Microsoft’s streaming service.

The new white Xbox One.

The next thing Microsoft will need to secure the rights for these games to be streamed across a network. No matter how the streaming fares, the licensing agreements need to be ironed out with the publishers of every game available for streaming before the service kicks off.

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We’ll keep our eyes peeled for a future announcement of streaming services from microsoft, and of course whether the service will be incorporated into the upcoming Windows 9 unified operating system, which is expected to hit both tablets, phones and pc’s next year,

Watch this space for more info.

Source: Neowin 

Via: T3