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YouTube Send Invites for Streaming Service – Music Key

You Tube are launching a new music streaming service to rival Spotify. Known as Music Key, the invites for the beta version of the Android app are already being rolled out to a selected few.

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If you are lucky enough to have been selected, you will still have to enter your credit card details to even just to try the app out. However a payment for the service isn’t taken until after 6 months, at which point £7.99 will be debited from the registered account.

The Music Key service provides advert free viewing of music videos and also gives you the option to view them offline through downloading the content to a phone or tablet. Music Key also has a background listening feature for audio playback when the device in use is set to standby.

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Currently the Music Key app is only available on Android, but an iOS app is currently in production so should be ready before the app officially launches.

Invites are presently being sent out at random to YouTube account holders and Google Music All Access subscribers, so if you want to better your chances of being invited, you’d better get subscribing!

Source: Digital Spy