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19-year old “mastermind” of LulzSec arrested in Essex

Not a day goes by when we don’t get news of the latest antics of online jesters Lulz Security – but today it seems the LOLs may be coming to an end with the arrest of one of the masterminds behind the hacker group responsible for downing FBI and CIA companies as well as entertainment giants such as X-Factor and Sony Pictures.

The alleged mastermind is a 19-year old lad from the seemingly unlikely place of Essex – hardly the most inspiring origin of the world’s most conniving hacker group!

e-Crime prevention units of FBI and Scotland Yard were working towards the arrest after a joint investigation to catch those behind the string of high profile hacks – attributed to the group calling themselves LulzSec – found significant material to incriminate the youngster and Scotland Yard are now questioning the supposed leader of the gang in relation to the Computer Misuse Act and Fraud Act.

The arrest comes hours after an ex-FBI agent revealed he had been made aware of the identities of those behind the group – also reports came in of LulzSec taking credit for knocking out UK SOCA (Serious Organised Crime Agency) with a DDoS attack – so it’s kind of funny that this would could to an end after a hit on those guys.

We’re also a little disappointed that it might all be coming to end. It’s really given an overdue wake-up call to some of the world’s top companies and more could have benefited from a visit from the Lulz Boat. With fingers well and truly pulled out – surely this all goes towards recognizing and improving our online safety?

UPDATE! LulzSec have posted from their Twitter account, insinuating that the “mastermind” captured isn’t one of theirs. Stay tuned and we’ll keep you updated with all things LulzSec!

The message posted by LulzSec shortly after the arrest was made

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