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LulzSec exposed? Ex-FBI agent claims identities of hacker group known

The LOLs may all be over as the names at the head of Lulz Security have allegedly been named to an ex-FBI agent, who has tweeted claiming the identities of those in charge of the hacker group have been confirmed and arrests could begin soon.

LulzSec, whose “malicious comedic cybermaterials” have gotten the best of FBI, CIA and a number of technology and entertainment companies including Sony Pictures, are known for their boastful attacks and taunts on their victims in coding and hidden files – it would appear that perhaps they’ve gone a little too far and given themselves away.

That’s if the claim by “Ex-FBI Cyber Crime Agent, Criminal Mastermind (yeah right), sometimes writer and Dad of 3” can be believed. E.J. Hilbert said through Twitter “It appears that the identities of the heads of @lulzsec that have been shared with me have been confirmed. All things come to an end.”

We’ve known before not to trust what’s been tweeted and surely something of a criminal nature would not be so freely discussed over a social network.

We’ll be following this one, as well as the recent hacking on SEGA Corp – which is being claimed not to be a LulzSec job. Was their reluctance to claim the SEGA hit proof they may have been exposed?

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